Shelley Lees

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Working Group Co-Chair

I am a medical anthropologist, conducting research on gender, violence (gender-based and structural), and epidemics (HIV, Ebola and COVID-19). I lead a number of anthropological studies on vaccine deployment and the social aspects of epidemics. I also am on the executive committee and work-package lead for the ALERRT consortium, where I conduct research on community engagement for biomedical research for epidemics across sub-Saharan Africa. I also lead on research projects which focus on the prevention of intimate partner violence in Africa, which has public and global health implications. Alongside a number of social science studies on intimate partner violence in sub-Saharan Africa, I am PI and coordinator for a large-scale community based IPV prevention trial in Tanzania. Through this work I have an in-depth knowledge of global health policy and systems. I bring anthropological expertise to multi-disciplinary public health inventions (including health systems research, clinical trials, or violence prevention interventions), as well exploring the impact of these interventions on people and their communities. Much of my research is informing policy around epidemic preparedness and the prevention of intimate partner violence. I sit on a number of steering committees to influence policy and research agendas in these fields

Coalition working group:
Social Science