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This section is dedicated to promoting open sharing of research knowledge & data and leveraging global expertise in infectious diseases of epidemic and pandemic potential research. The resources shared include clinical research protocols (and accompanying study documents where available), standard operating procedures (SOPs), and training materials for accelerated implementation.

In order to fulfill this commitment, several initiatives are undertaken by CERCLE:

Living Systematic Review of COVID-19 clinical trials

Explore registered COVID-19 clinical trials from around the world in a frequently updated, open-access database. The tool aims to help researchers identify ongoing trials, spot knowledge gaps to explore in future studies, and avoid duplication.

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Member resources

Topic-specific tools and resources have been identified to facilitate clinical research in low-resource settings. Working groups, advisory groups and support groups consist of experts that are working together on specific research areas to support CERCLE members and others conducting clinical research on infectious diseases of epidemic and pandemic potential, including COVID-19, as well as AMR.

The group members gather solutions, tools, documents, and advice on the website. All resources are also made available on dedicated research areas pages.

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Member publications

Since March 2021 CERCLE, initiated a comprehensive catalogue of COVID-19-related publications co-authored by its members. As we broaden our scope, this compilation will consistently evolve to incorporate publications pertinent to infectious diseases of epidemic and pandemic potential, as well as those addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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Protocol repository

In alignment with CERCLE’s steadfast commitment to transparency and upon obtaining the requisite permissions from investigators, we have been disseminating study materials specifically tailored to COVID-19 clinical research. This encompasses protocols, participant information sheets, informed consent forms, case report forms, standard operating procedures, and various other essential documents. As we continue to evolve, we aim to extend this initiative by incorporating and sharing materials pertinent to infectious diseases of epidemic and pandemic potential, as well as those addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the foreseeable future.


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We are looking for dedicated individuals and institutions who are eager to contribute their expertise and commitment to fast-track research in infectious diseases with potential for epidemics and pandemics, as well as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), specific to low-resource settings.