Call for partners to validate simple markers to help identify moderately ill COVID patients for home management

In regions where few people have received Covid-19 vaccines, health systems remain vulnerable to surges in SARS-CoV-2 infections. The PRIORITISE study developed and validate three clinical prediction models that could help identify patients presenting with moderate Covid-19 who could safely be managed in the community. The models, which contain three easily ascertainable clinical parameters (age, sex, SpO2) and one biomarker measurable using a point-of-care test, could help protect health systems during current and future spikes in infections, especially in locations where capacity for inpatient monitoring is limited.

The PRIORITISE team would like to hear from groups interested in collaborating to further validate the findings. This is important before the models can be recommended for use. Ideally, this would happen before another surge in infections and so partners who already have baseline clinical data and biobanked plasma from patients with moderate Covid-19, alongside data on clinical outcomes over the next 14-28 days, are encouraged to get in touch.

Please contact or if interested.


Photo credit: “COVID-19 Frontline Health Workers” by UN Women Asia & the Pacific is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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Arjun Chandna
1 year ago

Thanks for posting this. Open Access link to the paper reporting the findings from India is here:

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