Juan Carlos Villar

Fundación Cardioinfantil, Instituto de Cardiología

Working Group Co-Chair

Juan Carlos Villar, MD, PhD is a Colombian internist with training in preventive cardiology and clinical epidemiology at McMaster University in Canada. He is currently professor of medicine at Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (his home town), where he teaches evidence based medicine and leads a masters program in health research methods to produce or use knowledge (two different paths). He is also head of the Research Center at Fundación Cardioinfantil, Instituto de Cardiología, Bogotá (the nation´s capital). This is a 300-bed university hospital and referral center for cardiovascular disease. He has served as the leading investigator for Colombia in a number of international trials. He has also authored or co-authored a number of systematic reviews and was the leader of the national guideline for hypertension in Colombia. He has a long standing interest for Chagas disease and is currently conducting a number of clinical trials in this field. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he has been editor of “Recados”, a series of rapid reviews/evidence-based recommendations for a network of hospitals that are building a patient registry in order to conduct collaborative studies.

Coalition working group:
Clinical Epidemiology